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These devices are designed to record data related to vehicle operation and driver activity. Driver information mainly relates to hours of service, or HOS. Commercial truck drivers are restricted to a maximum number of hours they can drive between rest periods. Hours of service is a permanent record of driving hours, hours on duty (when drivers are working but not driving) and rest time, over the course of a journey.

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Eld Compliance

To make the complete process of trucking simpler and smoother, Top Tracking System ELD Solution will assist you with the most affordable ELD Mandate solution. There are lots of reasons why a number of vehicles have considered Top Tracking System ELD Mandate solution as their ELD compliance partner.

Advanced Solutions Provided By Tracking Device

Here at Top Tracking System, our professionals will always assist you if there is any sort of exception or error. We will be there for instant support for your Electronic Logging device. With this device, you can secure your vehicle and goods you are carrying in an advanced way. The benefits include:

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