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Fuel monitoring systems are designed to monitor fuel consumption within your fleet

  • Benefits of implementing fuel tank monitoring : Higher transparency of fuel costs accounting Fuel level monitoring helps fleets to determine precise volumes and exact places of fuel tank refilling, combining that information with fuel bills.
  • Increased fuel economy and optimized fuel cost : Indirect “measurement” of fuel use (i.e. by decrease of fuel level in tank), preventing theft from fuel tank, excluding fraud attempts with sales slips – all that helps fleets to implement fuel economy measures, and thus reduce company’s fuel expense.
  • Eliminated fuel theft from tank : Fuel volume measurement allows detecting date, time and volume of fuel siphoning and helps to prevent unwanted attempts of fuel drain in future.
  • Extended lifetime of fuel system and lower maintenance costs : Mixing high-quality fuel with extraneous liquids (water, alcohol, used engine oil) leads to early engine breakdown and high costs for repair. That can be eliminated by detecting and alerting fuel quality change, what can be done by fuel monitoring system.
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