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It is a telematics unit installed in the truck that is designed to provide a wide range of functions. The installation is very simple with an OBD-II connector directly to the port and requires an adapter cable for 9-pin or 6-pin ECM ports. The Logbook Pro has different functions to offer. No additional hardware is needed for this electronic logbook. With your tablet or smartphone that contain an Apple or Android operating system, the application is free to download. TOP TRACKING SYSTEM HOS is linked via Bluetooth and the ELD service subscription is charged on an annual or monthly basis.

With a GPS Tracking in real time that generates reports of location, mileage, and speed for total monitoring of your fleet. With different types of alerts assigned to your interest which inform you when the truck is off, stopped or on. Its monitoring is carried out through the TOP TRACKING SYSTEM MOBILE application for free on Apple or Android operating systems.

And with fuel monitoring that is generated through a graph which interprets the consumption of fuel that the truck is using and displayed through our website Fuel consumption can also be monitored through the application TOP TRACKING SYSTEM MOBILE.



Wireless Firmware Updates

Internal Antennas

Internal Battery

Bluetooth LE

Locking Connector


L x W x H: 2.55 in x 1.92 in x 1.02 in

Housing: ABS

Weight: 45 grams

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs


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