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Top Tracking System In The Construction


Top tracking System provides everything your construction company needs for accurate and reliable tracking. We offer you multiple options to track your assets at all times.

If you are in the construction industry, there will be an even greater need for efficiency to respond to any damage and make the necessary repairs, as well as maintain the workload for existing and future projects.

With Top tracking System you can experience and enjoy a system that reduces costs and produces more profits. Having full knowledge of how the materials go on the transport truck, the speed at which those trucks travel, the amount of fuel they are burning and how exactly each vehicle is used and maintained.

In the recent years the volume of the construction has grown considerably and it is estimated that in the coming years will grow by 85 percent worldwide, presenting a challenge and an opportunity for the entire construction industry. Construction companies are facing new challenges every day, to meet this demand and is investing in new technologies to achieve this.

At Top Tracking System we offer affordable products and services that helps construction companies increase profits and reduce costs in many ways.
No matter which fleet or system tracking solution you choose, you will get the visibility of your assets in real time, to keep your fleet in top shape and for your operations to run smoothly.

Maximize the productivity of your company’s vehicles, fleets, supply chains or assets with the GPS solution for the transportation industry.
It is advisable to seek the advice of a GPS professional who will help you understand what systems fit your needs to know what device you should use to achieve success in the industry.

Protect your machinery in constant motion

Instead of spending money to secure heavy machinery, you will have peace of mind knowing where your equipment is at all times, securing it with a GPS tracking system. Through which you will have constant visibility of where your assets are located.

Configuration of equipment tracking systems

The GPS tracking equipment can be configured to record and report on the location of the device either constantly, when the device is moving, at specific time intervals, or when manually activating the device from a remote location.

Components of equipment tracking systems

GPS vehicle tracking equipment is based on satellites a GPS receiver, a transmitter to relay information, cellular networks to transmit information, computer systems to interpret that information and you to respond to information.

Scalable tracking

A unique asset management solution, designed specifically for heavy equipment and mixed fleets. It is unifies the data of multiple telematic units in a portal that allows controlling all the assets through an interface and easily accessing the behavior reports.

Top tracking system provides the scalability and flexibility for your business to evolve according to your needs. With our tracking systems you can scale from one project to another at any time and without having to make any contract.

Ensuring that productivity remains high. Taking the best business decisions.

Cost of tracking

Top Tracking System focused on the construction market to secure an offer and improve profits, now you can be sure that every piece of your equipment is on your work place and is working as hard as you.

Our mission is to develop GPS tracking systems for trucks that helps trucking companies meet their goels reduce accident rates, reduce fuel consumption, improve driver retention and gain greater day-to-day visibility of its operations.

Our experience in the construction industry allows us to offer products to work for you, delivering an efficient system that will help you reduce costs that mitigating your profits and reach your competitive goals in a very short time.

Increase in security

Maintain the trust and satisfaction of your customers, which can attest to the quality of products and services that your company offers.
Improve your competitive advantage with the fleet management tracking systems for the construction industry and the intelligent asset management solution.

Which will allow you see all your drivers and vehicles in real time to identify the exact locations and send the best is Tracking industry data and analyzing vehicle and driver behavior.

Our systems  ELD are designed to streamline the administration and monitoring of works simplify compliance with objectives, mitigate accidents and improve driver safety.

In Top tracking System ELD we guarantee the safe behavior of the driver, making sure that you can receive alerts if the time of inactivity is higher than the determined one, as well as also receive speed control reports in case of speeding in any of your units, the which accurately indicate who is accelerating, where at what speed.
The behavior patterns are documented by vehicle or driver by means of real-time reports.